License agreement

Under this agreement, the following rights are granted:

You may install and operate one copy of the software product on your computer. The computer user on which the software product is installed can purchase a second copy for their exclusive use on a home or laptop computer.

Saving and running on the network
You can also save or install a copy of a software product on a storage device, such as a network server, used solely for the purpose of installing or running a software product on other computers within an internal network. However, each computer on which a software product is used or operated must be licensed for a software product. Software product licenses do not entitle you to share or use the software product at the same time on different computers.

Restrictions on backward analysis, decompilation, and conversion from machine code
Backward analysis, decompilation, and conversion from the software product code are not allowed.

Contract cancellation
Without limitation of other rights, KP-SYS spol. Cancel this Agreement if you do not meet its terms. In this case, you must destroy all copies of the sotware product and its components.

All proprietary and copyright rights in the software product (including, but not limited to, any view, photographer, animation, image recordings, sound recordings, text and symbols that are part of the software product) as well as the printed material supplied with the software product and any copies of the software product are the property of KP-SYS spol. s r. or its suppliers. The software product is protected by copyright laws and the provisions of international treaties. This means that the software product must be treated as any other copyrighted material, with the following exceptions, which allow you to either:

(a) Make one copy of the Software Product solely for backup or archival purposes, or
(b) install the software product on a single computer, provided you retain the original

solely for backup or archival purposes. Do not copy the accompanying documentation to the software product.

You can receive the software product on more than one medium. Regardless of the type or format of media you receive, you can only use media designed for your computer. You may not install or use another medium on another computer. You may not lease, rent or otherwise transfer another medium to another user, except for the permanent transfer of the software product

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