Solution for Libraries

We offer solutions for all types of libraries

  •     public - of all types and sizes (urban, center, regional)
  •     professional - AV libraries, ministries, business, museum libraries, galleries, archives
  •     school - primary and secondary schools, higher and higher schools. The system is the same as the version for professional libraries, and also works with the expanded school system Bachelors
  •     university - the central, faculty or departmental libraries of universities
  •     medical - medical libraries of all types - libraries of special institutions, hospitals

All common agendas are available in the library system

  •     cataloging, acquisition, search, revision, borrowing system
  •     support work with bar codes, RFID
  •     Simple cataloging of all common types of documents (books, textbooks, audiovisual media, magazines etc.) by simply downloading completed records via the Internet from professional libraries (eg from SK CASLIN, JIB)
  •     the system supports library rules and standards (MARC21, AACR2, Z39.50)
  •     support for tesaurs (PSH, MESH)
  •     reports and fund and loan statistics
  •     a powerful print generator with export to various formats eg RTF, XLS, HTML, PDF, etc.

What are we able to provide you further?

  •     When implementing our systems, it is commonplace that we provide methodological and technical assistance.
  •     We provide fast service to the user and telephone service, hotline including help-desk
  •     We arrange for your server to run and configure your server or hosting.
  •     Possibility to customize additional features or web services.
  •     Possibility to customize the visual page of the application based on your requirements.
  •     Basic functional settings in the system price
  •     System Update - Free Download on our Website.
  •     Existing ongoing analytical collaboration with professional librarians.

Operation in our hosting center

  •     Permanent monitoring of the system
  •     Backup or data replication. User accessible daily backup of his data
  •     Always up-to-date version of the program. It includes support for the system

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