What we do

KP-SYS l.t.d. was established in 1995. Since its inception, it has been fully committed to the development of library systems. Gradually, we began providing services to all types of libraries where highly specialized libraries appreciated the wide range of configurations and system modifications, as well as our readiness to further develop it according to individual customer requirements.

To get a specific idea of ​​our users, here are some of them:

Regional and district libraries and city libraries
František Bartoš Regional Library in Zlín, District Libraries - Mladá Boleslav, Vsetín, Žďár nad Sázavou, Šumperk, Jeseník, Cheb, Jičín, Bruntál, Municipal Libraries - Náchod, Slaný, Lysá n.

University libraries
University of Pardubice, Mendel University in Brno, Technical University of Liberec, University of Mining - Technical University of Ostrava, University of Defense Brno, University of Jan Amos Komenský Prague

Archives, museums and galleries
National museum - including all subordinate museums, NPMK - J.A. Komenský Pedagogical Library, West Bohemian Museum, Moravian Regional Museum, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, State Regional Archive in Prague, Moravian Gallery in Brno, National Gallery in Prague, Museum of the City of Ústí nad Labem

Medical libraries
FN Brno, FN at Bulovka, FN u sv. Anne in Brno, State Medical Institute, Liberec Regional Hospital, Hospital of the Pardubice Region

Specialized and professional libraries
Historical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Military Historical Institute Prague, Czech Nature Protection Agency, Institute of Art - Theater Institute, Institute for Czech Language AV

School Libraries of Primary, Secondary, Higher and Higher Education Institutions
Jan Keper Grammar School, Jan Neruda Grammar School, Josef Resel Chrudim Grammar School, OPEN GATE - Grammar School and Elementary School, s. R.o., SPŠS Betlémská, Higher Social School, University of Economics and Management

We have asked our customers to comment on our work

The KP-SYS library system has reached a stable and reliable level with a long-term development when it is capable of meeting most of our requirements and a good price / performance ratio in its category.
Jan Kaňka, Regional Library of František Bartoš, Zlín

When I say KP-SYS, the first is my online catalog. And above all the years of its creation and gradual improvement. I would probably
failed to list and identify the stages of upgrades, modifications and alterations to the label, but behind everything is a strong echo of cooperation. Real, genuine cooperation, when we were working with the company's employees (of course, much of the work was on them) to the final form of what we are presenting to the public. And it was and there is a feeling among us that it will be the best we can. At least we will always try to do that.
Ila Šedo, library of the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen

When KP-SYS is said, first of all, I think of pleasant cooperation, the effort to solve the problem and the willingness to help, even in situations where the problem was not directly related to the library system but only to related technologies. Actually, I can not remember that anything could not be solved at all - it was always possible to find some, at least compromise solution, or to solve the problem in the future.
Alena Součková, Institute of Art - Theater Institute in Prague

Based on more than 10 years of experience with Kp-Sys's library system, I consider it a quality system that I especially appreciate the possibility of developing existing features and developing new modules according to the needs of a specific library (DDS services, massive retroconversion, etc.). At KP-SYS, I appreciate the ability to respond quickly to situations that have arisen, the effort to resolve to the utmost customer satisfaction, cooperation in designing and solving projects,
Zuzana Švastová, former NPMK - Pedagogical Library of J. A. Komenského, Prague, now MKČR

Collaboration and communication with KP-SYS is good and flexible. It's not always a problem to fix right away, but I know the company is doing it. The library system is a product that should be constantly evolving and refining, which, in Verbis, is evident from its past and near future.
Jitka Vencláková, Technical University of Liberec
Despite the different requirements of public and academic libraries, we have managed to deploy a functional library system. It has not always been easy to negotiate, and there is still room for improvement.

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